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What Do You Really Get When Purchasing Digital Signage?

03 Jul,2023

Digital signage is booming in recent years, as major display giants compete with each other to develop the business. For the digital signage industries, some are more fortunate than others, and the market may be fickle at times.So, as a digital signage manufacturer, how can we stand out in the fierce market competition? We should put ourselves in customer's shoes and carefully think about that what they really want when they are purchasing digital signage.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage refers to the display terminals for displaying public information, advertising and promotion, entertainment information in public places, as well as a multimedia professional audio-visual system that is used for digital information distribution in the background.

Intelligent digital signage is based on Android system, giving full play to the powerful multimedia coding and decoding performance, driving the LVDS/MIPI/EDP, etc., using wired/wireless/mobile network to access the Wide Area Network (WAN), in order to achieve the remote management of information distribution and effectively composing the information distribution cluster. With the R18/R58 intelligent digital signage solutions, it supports smooth touch interactivity experience and various kinds of peripherals, offering a stable system for digital signage, POS, all-in-one machine and other products.

What Are the Functions of Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a systematic project. Just focusing on the technology cannot lead to an overall improvement. For example, for a display, no matter how high the performance, if there was no coordination of serve platform and playback, it would make no sense. 

Digital signage display manufacturer Rcstars not only takes the systematic development as a priority and emphasizes the coordination of its components, but also focuses on meeting the individual needs of different customers. Regardless of solutions or products, we will consistently apply the philosophy and provide industry-wide solutions to help them:

  • Further improve the efficiency of information distribution: reducing process and making them fully controllable;

  • Strengthen the utilization of screen and time resources: fully enhancing the value and benefits as a media;

  • Enhance the placement accuracy rate: clearly pointing and segmenting differences;

  • Realize management centralization: effectively launching supervision and maintenance;

  • Improve the security to a new level: guaranteeing the benefits of actors, media and information contents.

  • Most importantly,this is the first time that the system itself is built with integration as the core: the emerging distribution surface is incorporated into the information system in a simple and flexible way to realize management consistency and make up for the important links missing in traditional management.

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