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Digital Signage and Jewelry

04 Jul,2023

Large Format Displays in Jewellery retail are still unchartered territory it seems to be the general opinion with digital signage integrators that small precious jewellery and large displays don't match. Some people illustrated at the ISR Retail Conference how the Adamas is using digital signage in their APM Monaco franchise outlets in Russia.

Adamas is the leading jewellery chain and producer in Russia with over 200 outlets across the Russian Federation selling over 30,000 different jewellery products. The Moscow-based company also operate APM Monaco brand stores under the franchise of the French jewellery specialist in Russia.

The adoption of digital signage in the Jewellery outlet is still lagging behind most other real categories. The main reason for this is the conservative nature of the industry. In addition, the jewellery business is highly regulated by the government.

In general, they identified two main use cases for digital signage in jewellery retail One being on the outside to attract passersby to the store with vivid, bright messages and the second in-store to support the products with atmosphere i.e. ambient content As the products are comparable small media walls are usually not installed in this segment.

Digital Signage is often used as a dynamic backdrop in the shopping window as well as at the POS. The main content motives are sea shores women or cars setting accents through colour, light and slow-moving graphics.

APM Monaco is different in this respect and builds on video walls behind the cash desk as a central communication platform in each store. In addition, Apple computers with internet access to the APM Monaco website and small digital frames near the jewellery with video catalogue bring dynamic content to each APM Monaco outlet

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