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Digital Signage Solution for ATM

Rcstars' LCD industrial screen solutions are targeted at medical equipment, industrial equipment, treadmill fitness machines, ATM machines, airport gates, payment terminals, retail terminals, and other fields with strong professionalism and high requirements for product quality, featuring high brightness, high contrast ratio, 178/178 ultra-wide viewing angle and high resolution, which can improve and enhance the visual experience. Equipped with Rcstars' self-developed industrial-grade display driver board, it can meet the needs of various professional application scenarios.

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Rcstars Digital Signage In ATM

Rcstars provides personalized ATM digital signage solutions that can be customized to meet the brand guidelines of banks and financial service providers. On-screen display of account balances, promotions, and services with real-time updates of operating systems and displays, and enhanced customer perception of the brand through ATMs.

Rcstars Digital Signage In ATM
Rcstars Digital Signage In Industry

Digital displays used in the industry need to meet requirements for high protection levels, display driver boards that support stable operation, flexible touch controls, and durable and secure displays, and Rcstars' IP65-rated industrial-grade displays perfectly meet or exceed these requirements. Displaying equipment status, production data and alarm information on the screen can improve production efficiency and quality, and parameter setting and troubleshooting through the human-machine interface can improve the ease and efficiency of equipment operation, ultimately promoting automated production and control of industry.

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Rcstars Digital Signage In Industry
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