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Digital Signage Solution for Restaurants

Rcstars' restaurant digital signage solution is a modern restaurant operation that can change the way customers interact with restaurants. It includes menu display and self-order and checkout services, both of which form a perfect complement to each other from the promotion-order-production-waiting-meal pickup, which is crucial to drive restaurant sales and enhancing customer dining experience.

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Rcstars Digital Signage In The Menu

Rcstars' lcd screen for restaurant menu provides a modern approach to menu presentation, enhancing customer ordering efficiency and experience by displaying dish information in a multimedia format, display pick-up information so that customers can pick up their meals in time, pre-arrange and rotate promotions to attract customer's attention and drive sales, show brand videos to increase brand awareness, etc.

Rcstars Digital Signage In The Menu
Rcstars Digital Signage In Self Order Checkout

Still using only manual order and checkout? This not only requires a lot of labor costs, but also is prone to a series of problems such as operational errors, wrong orders and missing orders, and low efficiency. With Rcstars' self-service ordering and checkout equipment, customers are able to complete the ordering process through a touch screen on the self service ordering machine, and then swipe card/scan code/face payment through a card swiper/QR code scanner/ camera. After receiving the order information, the chef will make each order one by one without making mistakes or missing orders.

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Rcstars Digital Signage In Self Order Checkout
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