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Digital Signage Solution for Shelf

Rcstars' Digital Shelf is an intelligent retail/warehouse management solution consisting of multiple identical/different-sized stretched long screens and shelves combined. The screen size is 10.1 inch-88 inch, brightness 500 nits-1500nits, equipped with Android 7.1/11 system, and supports direct CMS cloud update to manage screen content.

rcstars digital shelf displays solution
Rcstars Digital Signage In The Retail

The RCSTARS digital shelf provides an opportunity to display data/images/animations based on retail needs, a feature that makes updating prices, promotions, and basic product information quick and easy. Simple to operate and equipped with user-friendly CMS management software, they enable effortless creation, modification, and sharing of content. They improve operational efficiency, reduce errors, and eliminate the need for manual updates.

Rcstars Digital Signage In The Retail
Rcstars Digital Signage In The Warehouse

Warehouse management is often time-consuming and error-prone work, and the use of Rcstars digital signage display shelves can be a perfect solution to this problem. Display shelf number, goods name, storage location, inventory quantity, and other information on one screen at the same time, reduce human errors, reduce management costs, and improve the efficiency of warehouse access, warehouse management efficiency, and accuracy.

Rcstars Digital Signage In The Warehouse
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