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Digital Signage Solution for Transportation

Rcstars' transportation solution is a new intelligent solution for public transportation operation and management based on ultra-wide stretched screens and bus digital signage. Unlike traditional signage that requires repeated printing with high costs and low efficiency due to information lag, Rcstars' transportation solution can be applied to roads, stations, airports, ports, or within public transportation, and can be updated and synchronized with the latest information in a dynamic manner, no longer limited by time and area. 

rcs transportation digital sigange solution 1
Rcstars Digital Signage in The Station

At transportation stations, by connecting Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth, 4G, and CMS systems, Rcstars digital signage is used to display real-time ride information such as the latest schedules, ticket windows, and waiting for lounges on multiple screens at the stations, and to play entertainment videos in the waiting lounges so that passengers can rationalize their queuing time and kill their waiting time, enriching and enhancing the ride experience and ultimately improving the service quality and operational efficiency of the stations.

Rcstars Digital Signage in The Station
Rcstars Digital Signage in The Vehicle

Public transportation has become one of the main ways for people to travel, and people will spend a certain amount of time on it every day, which means greater traffic and attention. Choosing to install Rcstars in-vehicle digital signage like the bus stop digital signage on public transportation to broadcast traffic routes, arrival information, entertainment videos, weather forecasts, and advertisements for passengers enriches the riding experience and provides advertisers with a more accurate advertising channel.

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Rcstars Digital Signage in The Vehicle
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