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Bus Digital Signage

RCSTARS provides innovative bus digital signage solutions that offer a range of benefits to transport operators and passengers. Their digital signage systems use LED technology to display real-time information about bus times, routes, and delays, helping passengers to plan their journeys more efficiently. The systems are easy to update and manage, ensuring that passengers are always provided with accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, these digital signage systems can include advertising content, allowing transport operators to generate additional revenue. RCSTARS' bus digital signage systems are also eco-friendly, eliminating the need for paper schedules and posters, and reducing overall waste. Overall, these systems provide a valuable addition to any public transport network.

Types of Bus Digital Signage

15.6 inch Bus Digital Signage Advertising Touch Screen Media Player RCS-156F
15.6 inch Bus Digital Signage Advertising Touch Screen Media Player
32 inch Bus Ultra Thin Digital Signage Advertising Touch Screen Media Player RCS-320JF
32 inch Bus Ultra Thin Digital Signage Advertising Touch Screen Media Player

Key Features of Bus Digital Signage

Key Features of Bus Digital Signage

Anti-vibration design: Built-in anti-vibration pad can resist the impact and vibration caused by road bumps during driving, providing passengers with a stable display, and also avoiding equipment damage and malfunction.

On-board antenna configuration: including GPS and data antenna two parts, GPS is used to receive GPS signal, data antenna is used to receive and send data signal.

Two optional mounting methods: Choose ceiling mounting or hand ring mounting, either one is very stable.

Equipped with cooling fans: According to different screen sizes, the corresponding number of cooling fans are equipped to take away the heat generated by the continuous operation of the panel and sunlight exposure to ensure a safe 7/24 uninterrupted display.

Advantages of Using Bus Digital Signage

Advantages of Using Bus Digital Signage

Provide vehicle navigation function: Through GPS positioning, it can provide drivers and passengers with driving navigation, route inquiry, real-time road information service, and also monitor vehicle location and driving status.

Provide advertising promotion service: Digital signage in vehicles can provide accurate advertising promotion service according to the location and driving route of vehicles through targeted advertising promotion service to increase business value.

Improve driver experience: In-vehicle digital signage can provide a variety of entertainment and information services, such as music playback, news and information, weather forecasts, etc., to improve the driving experience and safety of drivers.

Data analysis and processing: In-vehicle digital signage can collect vehicle driving data, conduct data analysis and processing, understand vehicle driving conditions and driver behavior, and improve the efficiency and safety of vehicle management.

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Bus Digital Signage
Bus Digital Signage
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