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Digital Signage Solution for Shop

Rcstars window series digital signage provides the best window display and electronic store/wayfinding solutions, perfectly adapting to the application needs of different scenarios in stores and public places. Super high brightness, double-sided display, timer switch, anti-blackening, shaped splicing, and commercial grade panel are its key words.

rcstars commercial window displays solution 1
Rcstars Digital Signage In-store

Ditch costly paper signs that blend into the background. Our all-new digital LCD posters give businesses a stunning and dynamic solution that allows them to promote multiple offers and change content quickly and easily. Your window front is prime advertising space for your business and it should be working hard to grab attention and drive sales. Static printed posters only allow one promotion at a time and can be hard to see, whereas our digital window posters are bright enough to be seen from a distance in direct sunlight.

Rcstars Digital Signage In-store
Rcstars Digital Signage In Public Places

In addition to the commercial window display use, Rcstars' amazing creativity expands the window digital signage to more dimensions of application. Not only did we add different shapes of vertical stands, but we also added the number and type of screens. The creative appearance is eye-catching and conspicuous enough to be used in public places as electronic road signs not only to display directions and provide navigation services but also to advertise and broadcast safety notices.

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Rcstars Digital Signage In Public Places
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