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21.5 inch Wall Hanging Digital Screen

A professional industrial quality closed-frame wall-mounted display, capable of 7/24/365 uninterrupted and persistent display; screen brightness 500 nits-2000 nits optional, capacitive touch/infrared touch optional, camera function optional; support picture,music and video to 1080p Slide-show functions to play music and pictures at the same time, suitable for all kinds of indoor scenes.


Optional Panel Size:

10.1 inch-98 inch

Features of 21.5 inch Wall Hanging Digital Screen

Wall-mounted LCD Display for Indoor
A variety of sizes and specifications are available for you to choose, and LOGO, appearance, functions, etc. can be customized.
wall digital screen
Horizontal/Vertical Screen Free Switching
Not limited by space, you can install it however you want.
wall digital screen
Accurate Capacitive Touchscreen with Auto-calibration
Interact with the target group anytime, anywhere.
wall digital screen
A Wide Range of Playback Formats
lcd screen wall mount
Endless Possibilities
Application ideas of RCS-C series in various industries.
lcd screen wall mount

Specifications of 10.1 Inch Wall Mounted Advertising Screen

Model NoRCS-101CRCS-104CRCS-120CRCS-156CRCS-170CRCS-185CRCS-190CRCS-220CRCS-240CRCS-270CRCS-320CRCS-430CRCS-490CRCS-550CRCS-650CRCS-750CRCS-860CRCS-980C
Panel Model10.1 inch
10.4 inch12.1 inch15.6 inch17 inch18.5 inch19 inch21.5 inch23.8 inch27 inch32 inch43 inch49 inch55 inch65 inch75 inch86 inch98 inch
Max Resolution1280×800800×600800×6001920×10801280×10241366×7681440×9001920×10801920×10801920×10801920×10801920×10801920×10801920×10803840×21603840×21603840×21603840×2160
Aspect Ratio16:104:34:316:95:416:916:1016:0916:916:916:916:916:916:916:916:916:916:9
Pixel Pitch0.1659×0.16590.264×0.2640.3075×0.30750.17925×0.179250.264×0.2640.300×0.3000.2835×0.28350.24795×0.247950.2745×0.27450.31125×0.311250.36375×0.363750.4903×0.49030.27963x0.279630.63×0.630.372x0.3720.429×0.4290.4935×0.49350.5622×0.5622
Viewing Angle85/85/85/8570/70/50/6070/70/50/6085/85/85/8585/85/80/8089/89/89/8985/85/80/8089/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/8989/89/89/89
Contrast Ratio800:1500:1450:1800:11000:11000:11000:11000:11000:11000:11400:11200:11200:11400:11400:11200:11200:11300:1
Brightness (cd/m²)500500500250500500500500500500500500500500500500500500
Display Area (mm)216.96×135.60211.2×158.4246×184.5344.16×193.59337.92×270.336409.8×235.4408.24×255.15476.064×267.786572.04×296.46597.888×336.312698.4×6392.85941.184×592.4161073.78×6041209.6×680.4mm1428.48×803.521649.66×12927.9361895.04×1065.962158.85×1214.35
Panel Size (mm)241.86×161.6×5.2243×181.6×12.2276×209×11359.5×223.8×3.2358.5×296.5×10.5430.4×254.6×10.5428×278×11495.6×292.2×10.7543×317.4×11.6630×368.2×11.8724.7×422.7×249673×563.8×291096.2×632.5×291244.6×720.9×271459.2×830×161675.2×953.6×11.91922.2×1093.2×16.142187.8×1242.8×68.6

Optional Functions of 21.5 inch Wall Hanging Digital Screen

Four Operation Systems Are Optional
Four Operation Systems Are Optional
Wal Mount Bracket Optional
Wal Mount Bracket Optional
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