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Digital Signage Solution for Electronic Whiteboard

In the era of global digital transformation and development, electronic whiteboards have become an important driving force for digital transformation in education, business, government and other fields. Rcstars' whiteboard solutions range from small 55-inch to extra-large 98-inch, with a choice of 500-2000 nits brightness and precision capacitive/infrared touchscreens. Equipped with Android 7.1 or 11/Windows/Monitor/ Plug and Play four optional systems, it writes smoothly like a tablet and displays various types of dynamic content.

rcs digital whitebpard solution 1
Rcstars Digital Signage In School

Installing Rcstars large, touchable, easy-to-use educational digital display screens for schools/classrooms to provide teachers and students with a new way of teaching and learning - multimedia teaching and interactive teaching and learning, to increase student interest, engagement, and teaching effectiveness. In addition, it can also come to display attendance records, announcements, menus and updates on school events.

Rcstars Digital Signage In School
Rcstars Digital Signage In The Workplace

Still using ordinary whiteboards to record meeting contents and important work matters? This is not only limited by the writing area and functions but also by the inefficiency caused by repeated erasures. Using Rcstars' whiteboard, we can show the meeting content through multimedia, improve the meeting efficiency, and handwrite or type the meeting minutes for subsequent organization and viewing, for training and teaching to improve the working capability of staff, placed in the company exhibition hall to improve the exhibition effect, and placed in the company exhibition hall to improve the exhibition effect. Ultimately, it will facilitate the digital transformation of the company and enhance its competitiveness.

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Rcstars Digital Signage In The Workplace
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