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Revolutionizing Automobile Retail: The Role of Freestanding Digital Signage in 4S Stores

09 Apr,2024

Due to the rapid development of transportation and the increasing improvement of living standard, automobile has gradually entered into people's family, work, and life. More and more automobile 4S stores are using freestanding digital signage to improve the service level, and enhance their own brand image and core competitiveness. Freestanding digital signage not only helps automobile 4S stores to create a diversified sales model, but also brings the customers a brand new experience, thus promoting the sales performance of automobiles. 

Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall is a key place for marketing and promotion. By arranging freestanding digital signage to play advertisements, hot products, model packages, and other rich information, it presents the information that cannot be shown in the physical car. By establishing an all-round information dissemination system, it effectively enhances the marketing effect and simplifies the sales promotion process. At the same time, the beautiful and fashionable intelligent advertising machine can effectively replace the traditional display racks, shaping the high-end brand image of auto 4S stores.

Customer Negotiation Area

Inside the freestanding digital signage, there are built-in beautiful images of car models' purchase packages, charges, service contents, and so on. The equipment plays the program on its own cycle, realizing the automobile advertisement and publicity. When the customer touches the screen, the product automatically switches to an interactive query page, presenting a 3D model of the car selection interface for the customer to choose their favorite products. This allows customers to experience the complete form of their favorite car in a relaxed atmosphere and independently conduct an in-depth understanding.

Maintenance Waiting Area

In the maintenance waiting area, the freestanding digital screen is used to provide customers with entertainment programs for waiting, and to meet the personalized service needs of customers to check the progress of maintenance at any time. By releasing relaxing entertainment programs, it effectively relieves customers' anxiety caused by waiting. Through the built-in interactive query and video access function of related maintenance products, customers can access the maintenance video screen at any time and view the maintenance site situation, so as to grasp the query maintenance progress in time.

Rcstars intelligent digital signage solution is a complete and practical industry application, which meets the automobile 4S stores want to instantly release any form of information. It fundamentally improves the information dissemination efficiency and marketing promotion effect of auto 4S stores. If you are interested, please contact us.

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