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Rcstars Digital Signage/LCD Advertising Display Applications

08 Jun,2023

There are endless examples of how customers use Digital signage to attract new business increase sales, save money, communicate with staff and more. Below are just a few examples of how various businesses use Digital Signage. f you are interested in the best practices in your industry please contact us for a free consultation

  • Automotive

  • Retail Store. Grocery Store

  • Quick Service Restaurant

  • Interactive Way-finding

  • Lobby and Professional Services Signage

  • Corporate Digital Signage

  • Education


Digital signage improves messaging in the showroom, offers additional product information beyond traditional paper-based signage, upsell product and services and improves the service waiting experience.

Retail Store

Digital Signage is helping retailers deliver a memorable brand experience, educate the customer on in-store products and promote increased evenly turnover and deliver training in the off-hours

Grocery store

Digital Signage offers grocery and convenience stores a powerful tool to increase impulse purchases,up-sell premium products, increase the turnover of perishable goods and bring attention to additional services offered.

Quick Service Restaurant

Digital Signage eliminates printing and posting paper menus and brings branded content into the customer experience. Menu changes and marketing campaigns can be executed instantly, incorporating visually appealing graphics to entice purchasing behaviour.

Interactive Way-finding

Unlike traditional signage systems, digital signage is instantly updated with tenant location. Not limited to one language, multilingual directions and way-finding solutions can be deployed effortlessly.

Lobby and Professional Services Signage

Communicate with your visitors from the moment they walk into your office. Lobby Signage is an effective communication tool to tell your company store and promote products, services and corporate citizenship. Entertain, engage and educate the customer while they wait for their appointment.

Corporate Digital Signage

Communicate with your staff and make your team aware of key metrics, upcoming events, and mission-critical alerts across all campuses and branch offices; deliver product training across geographical boundaries.


Digital Signage offers universities, Colleges and schools an effective way to communicate with students and staff, manage emergency situations and drive advertising revenue across campuses.

Digital Signage offers countless applications across many industries. If your industry is not listed above but you would like to leam more about best practices for your field please contact us for a free consultation.

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