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Rcstars' Warranty Information

All Rcstars products are warranted for 1 year from the date of purchase and will be determined by Shenzhen Rcstars Technology Co.LTD. This warranty is confined to the first customer and is non-transferable.


Rcstars Digital Signage Service Procedure

Service Procedure

1. The customer must have the model#, serial #, and purchase date.

2. Our Technical support team will attempt to correct any minor issues that might be causing the product failure for customers beforehand to help customers keep the products in use.

3. If the technical service is unable to resolve the issue, an RMA Number will be issued. Under this option, the customer returns the defective monitor for repair and return.

4. Please note that the customer will be held solely responsible for shipping damage that occurs due to the use of any packaging material other than the standard RCSTARS package. If the customer no longer has the original packaging the customer shall obtain the proper package.

Rcstars Digital Signage Out-of-Warranty Service

Out-of-Warranty Service

RCSTARS will continue to service its products, even after the standard warranty ends, In the event that a product fails outside of the warranty period, we will provide you with various repair options available including cost.

Warranty Exclusions

1. This warranty shall be valid for the 1 year warranty period.

2. This warranty is limited to original products supplied by RCSTARS and shall not be construed to apply to the simultaneous and/or interdependent operation of this equipment with devices(hardware or software) supplied by others.

3. Warranty service shall be void if there is any damage or malfunction due to misuse, abuse, tampering, physical breakage, unauthorized modification of the product, improper packaging, transportation, weather, extreme temperatures, solar radiation, external electrical faults, liquid spills, lightning shocks, failure to follow the operation or maintenance instructions. In addition, damage by water, sand/corrosion damages, scratches in use, abrasions or damage to the external housings, and damage from connectors or cables will be presumed to have resulted from misuse and will not be covered by warranty service.

4. Warranty service doesn't apply to expendable parts which require regular replacement during the usage of the product.

5. Upon the expiration of the applicable warranty period, Rostars' warranty liability shall cease and terminate.


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