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Full Lamination Technology: LCD Screen And Glass Full Bonding Technology

10 Jul,2023

What is Full lamination Technology?

From the structure of the screen, we can roughly divide the screen into three parts, from top to bottom namely is protective glass, touch panel, and LCD screen. These three parts are required to be laminated. There are two different ways of lamination: Full Lamination and Edge Lamination. Edge Lamination, also known as Air Bonding, means simply using double-sided tape to fix the four sides of the touch panel and the display screen, in which an air layer exists between the LCD screen and the touch panel.

Full Lamination uses Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive (LOCA) or Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) to completely bond the display screen to the touch panel and protective glass without any gaps.LCD Full Lamination: LCD Full Lamination refers to the process of bonding the LCD screen, touch panel and glass panel together. 

Compared with Traditional LCD Screen, LCD Full Lamination Has the Following Advantages


Better Display Effect of LCD Digital Screen

Full Lamination technology eliminates the air between the screens, which significantly reduces light reflection and transmitted light loss to increase brightness and thereby enhances the screen's display.


Screen Insulated from Dust and Vapor

The air layer of the ordinary lamination method is easily polluted by environmental dust and water vapor, which affects the function of the Screen. Whereas, the Full Lamination OCA adhesive fills the gap. The display screen and the glass panel are tightly adhered to each other, and there is no space for dust and water vapor to enter, which maintains the cleanliness of the screen.


Less Noise Interference of LCD Screen For Advertising

The Full Lamination, which realizes close combination of the glass panel and the display screen can not only improve the strength but also effectively reduce the interference caused by noise on the touch signal and enhance the smoothness of touch operation.


Thinner Body of the screen

The Full Lamination Screen has a thinner body. Since the glass panel and the display screen are bonded by LOCA or OCA, it only increases the thickness by 25μm-50μm which is 0.1mm-0.7mm thinner than that of the the normal lamination method. RCSTARS' Full Lamination technology offers digital advertising screen for sale that provide a better display effect, insulation from dust and vapor, less noise interference, and a thinner body, making them a top choice for businesses.

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