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Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage, LCD Video Wall, Media Player Box

Rcstars is a leading manufacturer of digital signage and display solutions . We provide LCD digital signage products ranging from displays as small as 10 inches up to large format LED displays in 98″. Our product range includes Indoor and outdoor digital signage display, touch screen, Interactive Kiosk, way finding kiosk, touch table and LCD Video wall, media player boxes. With over 10 years design and develop experience served to clients all over the world.

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With the development of business and consumer environment, the demand for advertising is becoming more and more big, and the digital, network and information of the multimedia advertising machine has become a major bright spot in the advertising media market. Digital Signage is a great way to grab consumer attention. We’ve assembled photos of some of our installations in various settings. No matter your needs, there is a solution for you.


We have more than 300 OEM/ODM clients all over the world, Specialty, Flexibility and Diversi-ty are our features, we modify, build and design according to customers’ needs and projects.


We collect and absorb useful information from the market and customers to design and im-prove our electromechanical layout through experienced R&D engineers.


Provide 24/7 technical support for both hard-ware and software, you can rest assured that your digital signage network will function properly.

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