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Outdoor Advertising Display And High Brightness Advertising Display Cooling System - Air Cooling System

16 Jul,2023

Because the surrounding environment is more complex, outdoor LCD advertising displays and high-brightness advertising displays are easier to be affected by temperature, humidity, dust, harmful gases and other factors. Then it is necessary to provide good protection for them Therefore, the cooling system is fundamental to ensure the operation of the LCD advertising display.

What Is the Air Cooling System And How Does It Work?

The principle of the air cooling system, also known as the intelligent ventilation and cooling system, is to export the high temperature inside the Outdoor digital display screen for advertising and Brightness Advertising Display to the outside, absorb the ambient temperature from the outside into the machine, and then reach the purpose of cooling temperature.

The air cooling system is also known as the intelligent ventilation and cooling system, whose principle is to exhaust the high-temperature air inside the advertising display and absorb the ambient air from the outside, thus cooling the temperature. In this process, the speed change plate, as the core component of the cooling system, plays a vital role. At present, Rcstars’s cooling system is designed to control the temperature change ranging from 8 to 12 °C. 

That is to say, when the outdoor temperature is 40°C, the temperature inside our machine is controlled at 48-52°C, and the working environment of important components inside the display (such as the LCD screen and main board) is controlled below 55°C. Such a working environment is very stable. In order to maintain the temperature of the display, our air cooling system can dynamically adjust the rotation speed of the fan in real time by adopting an intelligent temperature control system. As a result, the temperature inside the product remains stable, the equipment can run stably and efficiently, and the service life of the product will be longer. RCSTARS' air cooling system ensures the stable and efficient operation of digital advertising screens by dynamically adjusting the fan speed, thus prolonging the product's service life and making them an ideal option for those looking for digital advertising screen for sale.

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